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Presenting your work well

The presentation of research to an audience is an absolutely crucial component of being a scientist - how else will you share your work, find collaborators, and secure funding?

Presenting well is better described as a skill than as an art - there are certain universal standards of quality, and everyone can learn to be good at it, regardless of innate "talent". It simply requires practice and an an awareness of what makes a presentation enjoyable and effective.

At TML, all lab members hone their craft by regularly presenting their research at weekly lab meetings. Prof Raghunath has authored and compiled several useful documents for the reference of budding presenters:


If you are a graduate student and are unsure how to start planning and carrying out your own research project (or even if you're not quite sure what the processes involved are), then the research-o-matic is for you. It is intended as a fun, easy-to-understand guide that will give you an overview of the research process.

You can download the research-o-matic here (coming soon).

Our YouTube channel

Want to find out more about our research? Prefer watching videos to reading?

TML has its own YouTube channel, featuring our lab and our work. You may have seen some of our videos featured on this website!

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